Grade 6 – Abraham Lincoln and a Divided Nation

The week of May 18 to 22, 2015


Google the Confederate States of America. Who was president? Who was the most famous general? Email me your answers no later then Thursday.

Turn in your homework paper signed by a parent on Friday.

Review North American geography:

Canada Map Puzzle:

Canadian Provinces:

Canadian Geography:

Monday – Abraham Lincoln, MAP TEST, and the Library for “A few words with Mr. Lincoln”

Tuesday – Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War

Wednesday – DISCOVERY IDOL –  May 20 at 10:15 a.m. HALF DAY! Period 4 will be at 8:00 a.m.

Thursday – Reunion and Expansion

Friday – America becomes an empire?

Grade 6 POP QUIZ, May 22, 2015.              NAME _________________

  1. Abraham Lincoln gave his most famous speach in a. Seattle New York  c. Gettysberg
  2. The President of the Confederate States of America was Davis  b. Grant  c. Harper
  3. General Lee was an important leader in Canada  b. USA  c. CSA
  4. The oficial name of the southern, slave holding states was United North America   b. Confederate States of America  c. The Free States of America
  5. General Grant was later The US President  b. King of Holland  c. Hollywood star
  6. The capital of Canada is Vancouver  b. Ottawa  c. Quebec
  7. The ocean north of Canada is a. Indian Pacific  c. Arctic
  8. Which is not a territory of Canada Honduras  b. Yukan  c. Nunavut
  9. The western most province of Canada is Newfoundland  b. Ontario  c. British Columbia
  10. The large bay near the center of Canada is  Bay of Fundy  b. Hudson Bay  c. Baffin Bay

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