Grade 6 – Colonies Have a Party

The week of March 16 to 20, 2015.

Monday – Paul Revere, messenger and son of liberty.

Tuesday – Review Colonial Period

Wednesday – Review Colonial Period/computer lab

Answer these questions about Thomas Jefferson. 

Who was the main writer of the Declaration of Independence?

In what colony was Thomas Jefferson born in?

Thomas Jefferson was born in what year? 1492  1607  1706  1732  1743  1776  1826

List the languages that Thomas Jefferson spoke.

What was the Louisiana Purchase?

Who were Lewis and Clark?

Who was the third president?

What was a favorite vegetable of Thomas Jefferson?

How many times was Thomas Jefferson married?

Who was Sally Hemings?

Thursday – Test on Colonial Period of North American history.

Friday – Conferences from 1 to 3 P.M.

COLONIZATION STUDY GUIDE ~ This is a review of questions previously published and discussed.

Grade 6, European Colonization, (Study Questions from February 19, 2015)

  1. What was the smallest of the European colonies?
  2. Who took took over New Sweden in 1655?
  3. Who took the New Netherlands in 1664?
  4. What European country was the first to colonize in America?
  5. In 1775 what country controlled most of North America?


1638 to 1655                           Dutch

New Netherlands                 New Sweden

Denmark                                 First  successful English colony

Virginia                                   The Virgin Islands

French                                     Alaska

Russians                                 Louisiana & Haiti

Spain                                       controlled Cuba until 1898

Benjamin Franklin was born in ____ in ____________ he had ___ sisters and was the youngest of ___ boys. He went to Latin School for ___ year because he was thinking about being a __________. He went to school for a total of ___ years. At age ___ he became an __________ to his brother James in a _______ shop. At age 17 Benjamin ___________ to _____________________ Pennsylvania. In his 20s he had a print shop and wrote an ______________ every year.

Write a paragraph about some of Benjamin Franklin’s inventions.

How many years was Benjamin Franklin in London?    What did he do there?

What famous documents did Benjamin Franklin help write or sign?

What did Benjamin Franklin do in Paris?

George Washington was born in ____ in _________, ______________. His father was a _________________. He was a proud British Citizen, he wanted a ______________ in his majesty’s service. He was in battle against the French at ________________.

He married ______________________ and had _________________ children.

Write a description of George Washington’s house.

What did George Washington do between 1775 and 1783?

What was George Washington’s job from 1789 to 1797?

In what city was the ceremony that made him the first President of the United States?

Where did George Washington live from 1789 to 1797?

Who was his vice president?

Who was the second president?

Who was the third president?


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