Please Take Note of Many Special Announcements!

ACCREDITATION PROCESS – SURVEYS FOR PARENTS– Below you will find the link that will take you to the corresponding survey that you need to complete. Please take some time from your busy schedule to complete the survey that will provide valuable information towards the accreditation process and therefore, school improvement.

A Spanish version of the survey for parents is available in this message; however the survey needs to be completed in English. The Spanish version will help parents complete the English version as it is an exact copy of the survey. [Paola: WE NEED THE SPANISH VERSION FOR TEACHERS ALSO PLACED IN THIS MEMO. DOES CESAR HAVE IT?]

Parent Survey:

Surveys will be available Monday, March 2 – Friday, March 20.

STUDENT SURVEYS – This week our students will be completing the AdvancedEd surveys requiered for the accreditation process in school. A special schedule has been made so that each grade will go to the computer lab with a teacher so students can take the survey.

YEARBOOK PICTURES THIS WEEK – Please take note that we will be taking individual, class and all school yearbook pictures this week.Our class will have their pictures taken onplease include the date and time of your grade as indicated in the schedule. We will take the ALL SCHOOL PICTURE on Thursday, March 12 at 8:00 a.m. Please bring your class to the field by the cafeteria. All students, teachers and staff should wear a Discovery School polo or t-shirt.

END OF THE THIRD QUARTER AND CONFERENCES– Please take note that this Thursday, March 12 marks the end of the third quarter. Teachers will be calling for Parent-Teacher conferences on Monday, March 16. These conferences are on a need basis. However, if you would like a conference, and one has not been called for by a teacher, please contact the school to set an appointment for the afternoon of Friday, March 20.

SCHOLASTIC BOOK CLUB NEWS – Scholastic Book Club leaflets were given out last week. This is an optional activity offered by the school, because we know you want to motivate your child to read at home.  With your purchase, our library will accumulate points to redeem more books for the benefit of your children in our school.  The due date to purchase the books online is March 20. The books will arrive to the school in one single delivery, and we will distribute them to the students according to their orders, approximately three weeks after the purchase due date.

 Mark your calendar!

Events in March!

12 Thursday

AvancedEd student surveys this week

Yearbook Pictures will be taken


End of the Third Quarter

13 Friday


Spring Break



20 Friday


Deadline for Scholastic Orders

Professional Development for Teachers 8:00-11:00 a.m.

Report Cards and Conferences on a need basis 12:00-3:00 p.m.

28 Saturday

Semana Santa Begins


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