Grade 8 – Ancient Greece

The Ancient Minoans Aegean Empire

Due dates for Section Assessments for Chapter 4. These count for homework grades.

Section Assessment 1, 1 to 7, page 113, January 9, 2015

Section Assessment 2, 1 to 7, page 120, January 14, 2015

Section Assessment 3, 1 to 7, page 125, January 16, 2015

Section Assessment 4, 1 to 7, page 133, January 21, 2015

Section Assessment 5, 1 to 7, page 143, January 23, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015. Greek Map Presentations. Each student will prepare a map related to some aspect of Greek history and be able to explain the map orally and in writing. Requests for a map topic may be sent to:

Tuesday, January 20, 2015. Greek Leaders, this includes a written and oral report on a person of importance in Greek history, students need to request a person and have it approved by their teacher. Requests may be sent to:

School policy says all assignments must be completed and turned in by the due date to receive full credit. 100% Credit given when turned in by due date, 70% one day late, 50% three or more days late.

Expect an exam on Ancient Greeks the last week of January. Be prepared for pop quizzes at anytime.


1. Name three sea that were near the ancient Greeks.

2. What was the first civilization on Crete?

3. What was the capital or main city on Crete?

4. Who was the legendary king of Crete?

5. What happened on Thera?

6. How did this effect Crete and the civilization centered there?

7. What was the first Greek state?

8. Where was their most famous battle?

9. Name two epic poems by Homer.

10. What happened in the Greek world between 1100 to 750 B.C.


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