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Grade 8 – Greek Maps

This website also has maps and links that maybe helpful to you:

Special Books for Great Kids!

BOOK DONATION – Amor Fe y Esperanza (AFE) is an organization located on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa that has been rescuing children from the garbage dump and breaking the cycle of poverty in their lives. AFE is in the process of furnishing its library. We are asking for any new or used Spanish books (children’s books, novels, nonfiction, encyclopedias etc.) you might have and that you would like to donate to the AFE library.  These books can be brought and given to your homeroom teacher.  If you would like more information about AFE, please visit their website at

Photo below is the new Student Center that contains a brand new library, clinic, classroom, and community room. Thank you Dr. Donald Opps of Aberdeen, South Dakota, for donating the funds for the new center that will help hundreds of people for generations to come!


Tests and Quizzes

Grade 6:

Thursday, December 11, Quiz, Southern Colonies and Capitals

Friday, December 12, Southern States

Monday, December 15, End of Quarter Exam

Grade 7:

Thursday, December 11, Quiz, Country Reports

Monday, December 15, End of Quarter Exam

Grade 8:

Thursday, December 11, Quiz, Greek Geography

Friday, December 12, Greek Gods

Monday, December 15, End of Quarter Exam/Iliad and Odyssey Lessons