Grade 8 – Eastern Mediterranean

Code Green

A friendly reminder that you need to follow class rules, or there will be consequences.

Code Yellow

This is a warning that you are headed for trouble and you need to make an immediate change to avoid consequences.

Code Red

After two warnings you receive a detention.

Monday – People, Places, and Change, page 446-449.

Ancient ME History:

Jerusalem Light Rail:

Arab – Israeli Conflict:

Defensible boarders:

Made in Israel Technology:

Tuesday – Test on the Levant. Worksheet on Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.

Wednesday – Greek Geography

Ancient ME History:

Geography and Early Greece:

Thursday – Greek geography, People, Places, and Change, page 264-267.

Greek Mythology

Friday – Computer Lab

Choose your three favorite gods from the list on this list:

Meet the Greek Gods:

In your notebook draw a map of Hades based on the website below:

Map of Hades:

Study Questions for Tuesdays test.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014, Grade 8, World History I, Levant, TEST! NAME ________________

Explain each question with a date, phrase or sentence.

  1. When did the Jews first establish the kingdom of Israel?
  2. When did the Romans force most of the Jews out of Jerusalem?
  3. The most famous Jew in the last 2,000 years?
  4. What does diaspora mean?
  5. Who took the Levant in the 600’s?
  6. From the 1,000s to 1,200 who took control of the Levant?
  7. Who controlled the Levant for the longest period of time in the last one thousand years?
  8. Who were the Rothschild?
  9. What started in the 1850s?
  10. When did the British take control of the Levant?
  11. What year was the Balfour Declaration?
  12. Who made the Balfour Declaration?
  13. What did the Balfour Declaration say?
  14. When was Transjordan created?
  15. What is Zionism?
  16. Who was the modern founder of zionism?
  17. What was the UN plan?
  18. When did was independence declared?
  19. What are important economic factors?
  20. What are the official languages?
  21. What are the occupied territories?
  22. How many people live in Gaza?
  23. What is the West Bank?
  24. How many people live in the West Bank?
  25. What is the building with the gold dome?
  26. Why is the gold dome building important?
  27. In the space below draw a map of Israel. Write the names of the 4 seas that touch Israel. Label the main river. Identify the coastal plain, foothills, mountains, and deserts. Mark the ancient and modern capital of Israel.

Grade 8, WHI, December 2, 2014, People, Places, and Change, pages 446 to 451. NAME:

After the test begin working on this. If it is not completed in class it becomes homework due on December 3, 2014.

  1. On the map at the top of page 451 indentify letters and what they represent.
  2. What is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world?
  3. Syria was part of what empire for nearly 500 years?
  4. After WWI Syria was controlled by France as a ____________________
  5. Who ruled Syria after 1971?
  6. Why did Assad increase the size of the Syria’s military?
  7. What city is photo graphed on page 446?
  8. What does the Syrian government own?
  9. What percent of Syria is Sunni Muslim?
  10. What percent is Christian?
  11. Lebanon was part of what empire?
  12. What country had the mandate for Lebanon?
  13. What are the two main religious groups in Lebanon?
  14. What are some of the minorities in Lebanon?
  15. When was Lebanon’s civil war?
  16. Jordan was part of what empire from 1517 to 1917?
  17. Who had the mandate for Jordan?
  18. What group of people make up the majority of Jordan’s population?
  19. Who was king of Jordan from 1952 to 1999?
  20. Jordan gets foreign aid from what countries?
  21. What are major industries in Jordan?
  22. Draw a freehand map of the eastern Mediterranean and label the following: Aegean Sea, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Mediterranean Sea, Syria, West Bank, Turkey

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