Grade 8 – China

November 10 to 14, 2014


DUE MONDAY: Chapter 3, Section 3 Assesment, page 97, 1 to 7, DUE MONDAY!

DUE WEDNESDAY: Chapter 3, Section 4 Assessement, 1 to 7, page 104. DUE Wednesday, November 12, 2014. Bonus Point if turned in on Tuesday or before! If you are away for a school event it will be due the day you get back.

REVIEW: Links from classwork in the computer lab

Self-Check Quiz:

Concentration Game (Matching) :

Impact of Geography:

Building the Great Wall:

China Under the Quin:

Mauryan and Gupta Empires:

The silk roads:

World’s Largest Economies:

November 10 to 14, 2014

Monday – Chinese Language:

Chinese Philosophy:

Tuesday – The Rise and Fall of Chinese Empires, Glencoe World History, pages 98 to 103.

HOMEWORK:  Watch Crash Course #7,   2,000 Years of Chinese History

Wednesday DUE:  Section 4 Assessement, 1 to 7, page 104.Review

Qin & Han Dynasty:

Han Dynasty & Silk Route:

Time to get ready for a test~!

Copy this Chapter Summary into your notebook!

Grade 8, World History I TEST, November 14, 2014. NAME

Chapter 3: India and China

India and China, write the word or words that best complete each sentence. (14 points)

1 Harappa and Mohenjo Daro were part of the _____ civilization.
2 Write the three gods in the Aryan varna system _____.
3 In Hinduism the god Brahma is _____.
4 According to Buddhism, wisdom leads to _____.
5 The Mauryan Empire flourished under _____.
6 Traders on the Silk Road carried _____.
7 After the development of _____, India’s sacred texts could be written down.
8 The longest-lasting dynasty in Chinese history was the _____.
9 The duty of following the Five Constant Relationships is central to _____.
10 During the Qin dynasty, the central bureaucracy was divided into parts, list the three divisions.

Thursday – Computer Lab

Asian Geography

Provinces of China

Match the word or phrase with it’s meaning. 10 points.

Karma, silk road, filial piety, Liu Pang, Sanskrit, Mandate of Heaven, Confucius, Caste System, nirvana, censerate

  1. Chinese system where each family member had his or her place and duties.
  2. Force generated by a person’s actions, effects rebirth
  3. Part of the government that checks on government officials
  4. India’s social catagories
  5. 4,000 mile long trade route from China to Mesopotamia
  6. In Buddhism, ultimate reality
  7. Heaven kept order in the universe through the Chinese monarch
  8. Aryan writing system about 1,000 B.C.
  9. First teacher to the Chinese
  10. Founder of the Han Dynasty

Friday – Chapter 3 Test, China and India, Glencoe World History pages 68 to 105.


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