General Announcements

MIDTERM – This Friday, November 14 marks the midpoint of the second quarter. Midterm Progress reports will be sent home next Friday, November 21.

CHRISTMAS BAZAAR – The School’s Community Service Club’s will host a Christmas Bazaar on Saturday, November 22, Get your early Christmas shopping done! Spread the word with your family and friends!

FUNDACION ABRIGO – Once again, Discovery School support Fundacion Abrigo in their mission to lodge families from the rural areas who come to Hospital Escuela. We are asking our school families to send 1 gallon of in the disinfectant per family, and to send it in by Friday, November 21. What a wonderful way to show our gratitude for what we have – to share what we have with those in need!

SCHOOL CAFETERIA – Ms. Sheyla McCaul wants to remind parents to visit the cafeteria’s blog to check out the delicious and nutritious menu that is available for our students (and parents!). The cafeteria will be offering a spectacular Thanksgiving menu for the classroom Thanksgiving celebrations, and for families to enjoy at home.

Thursday, November 6, Teatro Taller of Tegucigalpa performed CANICULA.


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