Grade 7 – African Presentations

October 6 to 10, 2014

Monday – 7A reports on Angola, Egypt, and Madagascar.

Tuesday – 7A reports on Cape Verde, Cameroon, and Uganda.

Wednesday – Test on African political geography. Review the countries of Africa. Finish country presentations.

Thursday – Test on physical geography of Africa.

Friday – End of the first quarter.

Physical Geography

African Physical Geography

Highlight the 6 rivers in blue and label them.

Mark the 4 capes that are the farthest north, west, east, and south.

Highlight the 4 largest lakes in blue and label them.

Draw in the 3 mountains and label them.

Color the Mediterranean blue and label it.

Color the Red Sea red and label it.

Label the 2 oceans with a blue writing utensil.

Highlight the major valley in green. Label it.

With a yellow highlighter mark the 3 deserts. Label them.

Mark the highest point and write “Highest point in Africa”

Mark the lowest point and write “Lake Assal, lowest point in Afica”

What is the largest island in Africa? Label it.

What is the major feature of northern Africa?

What is the main physical feature in southern Africa?


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