Grade 8 – Missing Assingments

Photo: Working on an assignment...

Ten people turned in the worksheet.  (See assignment from September 11, 2014, on this blog.)

Two people showed me their work with this website:

Practice this until you have it under 30 seconds:

Four people turned in their notebook with this assignment:

Use this interactive link   to answer (in your notebook) the following questions using a complete sentence:

1. What where the major river valleys?

2. Where was the Hittite Empire?

3. Mesopotamian Empires reached from the Persian/Arabian Gulf to _________________

4. The Hyksos invaded from __________________

5. At it’s greatest extent, Egypt reached north to include what country?

6. Where was the Hebrew Kingdom?

7. Where was the Kingdom of Kush?

8. What was the relative location of Phoenicia?

9. Name 4 Phoenician cities.

10. Write your name on the top of this page. What is today’s date?


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