GRADE 6 FIELD TRIP – Permission slips must be turned in!

MIDTERM AND PROGRESS REPORTS –Midterm Progress Reports were sent home last Thursday. Please read through them and return them signed by next Wednesday, September 17. If you would like a conference, and one was not requested by the teacher, please call the school to set up an appointment.

MAP FALL TESTING SESSION – Our Fall testing session begins today. Your cooperation in making sure your child does not miss school on the days we have the tests is greatly appreciated.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY – Our Fall General Assembly will take place on Staruday, September 27 at 9:00 a.m. in the school cafeteria. We invite all our parents to come and stay informed about important school decisions. The official summons was sent out, in Spanish and English, last Friday.


5 Themes of Geography

This is Hong Kong, can you explain the 5 themes of geography for Hong Kong?

  1. LOCATION: What is the absolute location?                  What is the relative location?
  2. PLACE: What is it like when you get there? Physical features? Human features?
  3. MOVEMENT: How do people, ideas, and products, move?
  4. HUMAN ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION: How do humans use the environment?
  5. REGION: How is it connected to other areas?

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