Grade 8 – Ancient Egypt and Honduran Independence Week

September 8 to 12, 2014

HOMEWORK DUE MONDAY: Read Glencoe World History, pages 45 to 53 and complete Section 2-2 Assessment page 53, 1 to 7. Due Monday, September 8, 2014.

Monday – Library/AV Room, National Geographic Ancient Egypt

These questions are taken from the video on Ancient Egypt:

1. What is Chicago house?

2. Where is the Oriental Institute?

3. About how many stories high is the Luxor Temple?

4. Who ruled Egypt in 1290 B.C.?

5. How tall are some of the pillars?

6. What is a necropolis?

7. What physical features help protect ancient Egypt from foreign invasions?

Tuesday – Review Ancient Egypt

Wednesday – Library/AV Room, National Geographic Ancient Egypt

Thursday – Computer Lab assignment: Use the links provided and follow the instructions.

Turn in the fill-in-the-blank questions according  to this website:

Practice this until you have it under 30 seconds:

Use this interactive link   to answer (in your notebook) the following questions using a complete sentence:

1. What where the major river valleys?

2. Where was the Hittite Empire?

3. Mesopotamian Empires reached from the Persian/Arabian Gulf to _________________

4. The Hyksos invaded from __________________

5. At it’s greatest extent, Egypt reached north to include what country?

6. Where was the Hebrew Kingdom?

7. Where was the Kingdom of Kush?

8. What was the relative location of Phoenicia?

9. Name 4 Phoenician cities.

10. Write your name on the top of this page. What is today’s date?

Friday – Sept. 12 Independence Day Celebration Early Dismissal (P.M. Schedule)

DESAYUNO CATRACHO – To Celebrate the Honduran Independence, there will be a Pot Luck Style “Desayuno Catracho” in each classroom on Friday, September 12, from 8:00 to 8:50 a.m. We ask our parents to help us organize this, and contribute with goodies. Honduran cultural and fun activities will follow the breakfast. We encourage our students to come dressed in a Honduran outfit that day. We also want to remind parents that this is an early dismissal day (11:45 a.m.) and that the following Monday, September 15 and Tuesday, September 16 are holidays!

MIDTERM AND PROGRESS REPORTS –Midterm Progress Reports will be sent home on Friday, September 12. Please read through them and return them signed by next Wednesday, September 17.



Sept. 19 Ms. Gloria will sub for Mr. Cozart

The castle at Bran, Romania, we will be talking about the middle ages second semester.


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