Welcome Letter!

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to Middle School Social Studies!

Here we explore the geography and history of the world. Your teacher, Mr. Cozart, attended Hebrew University of Jerusalem and graduated from Northwest University in Seattle. He has lived in six cities in the Middle East, islands in the Pacific and Indian oceans, and Taiwan, Korea, and China. He has worked with Native Americans of the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe in South Dakota and taught secondary social studies in Kosovo before arriving in Honduras. On weekends he can sometimes be found searching for ancient petro glyphs, exploring museums and historic sites, or visiting a local orphanage.

In grade 6 we have a heavy focus on geography. First semester projects will include making a paper mache globe and, in collaboration with their science class, be doing a project on biomes. In the second semester we concentrate on North American history and geography.

Grade 7 studies Eastern Hemisphere Geography. Africa and Europe are studied in semester 1, while Asia, Oceana, and the Middle East are topics in the second semester. Students will become familiar with the themes of geography and practice making maps.

Grade 8 is World History 1, which begins with early man in the fall and ends with the Renaissance and Reformation in the spring. Students will be assigned regular homework and assignments that must be completed on the internet and they are required to bring their textbook, notebooks, and supplies to class every day.

Supplies required everyday include notebooks that are used ONLY for social studies,  pencils, erasers, sharpener, colored pencils, markers, crayons, pens (red, blue, black) and highlighters (yellow, blue, green, pink) Index cards will sometimes be needed. While scotch tape, staplers and Kleenex will be helpful.

Students are reminded that cell phones are not needed in class and should be left in their lockers. Likewise books and assignments from other classes, and book bags are to be left in your lockers. Cameras are only to be used with specific permission and ONLY for assignments! Lunches, snacks, and drinks are to be consumed in the student cafeteria during their break times, any leftovers are to be stored in their lockers.

First period classes are homeroom classes, 7A is Mr. Cozart’s homeroom. The rest of his schedule is as follows: Period 3-6A, Period 4-grade 8, Period 6-7B, and Period 7-6B.

Mr. Cozart’s email: dcozart@discoveryschool.edu.hn

Looking forward to a great new school year!


Mr. Cozart


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