Grade 7 – The Middle East

Learn the countries if the Middle East:

Memorize the Middle East countries:–L3rxBu4

Know these for a quiz on Monday:

Be able to color and label the fertile crescent, label the Black Sea, Arabian Gulf, Red Sea, Caspian Sea, Anatolia, Asia Minor, Egypt, Nile River, Sinai, Taurus Mountains, Zagros Mountains, Caucasus Mountains, Syrian Desert, Arabian Desert, Sahara Desert, and Mesopotamia.

Political and Geographic Features:

Be ready for a physical features quiz on Wednesday.

Pre-Islamic Middle East:

Study the political and physical geography, review the quizzes from Monday and Wednesday, memorize the map below and complete the handout you for Thursday.

Draw in and indentify: Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea, Jordan River, Yarmouk River, Golan Heights, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza Strip,  West Bank,  Jerusalem, Bethlehem

Be ready for a test on the history and geography of the Middle East on Friday.


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