Grade 8 – Late Middle Ages

Week of May 12 to 16, 2014.

Homework due Monday, May 12, 2014, Section 10-2 Assessment, page 328, 1 to 7.

Tuesday – The Black Death

Homework due Wednesday, May 14, 2014, Section 10-4 Assessment, page 340, 1 to 7. Read The Hundred Years’ War on pages 338 to 340.

Wednesday – Jews in Medieval Europe, text page 341.

Thursday – Pop Quiz/Review

1. When did the Jews migrate to Spain?

2. When did the Jews leave Spain?

3. What happened to most Jews in Strausbourg during the middle ages/plague?

4. How many people in Europe died of the Black Death?

5. How many people lived in Europe before the Black Death?


Self-Check Quiz:

Crash Course:

Watch Later The Dark Ages…How Dark Were They, Really?: Crash Course World History #14

The Middle Ages in 3 Minutes:

Friday – Assessment (test)

May 19 to May 30 – The Renaissance and Reformation

The Renaissance: Was it a Thing? – Crash Course World History #22

Venice and the Ottoman Empire: Crash Course World History #19


Homework- 1 minute report on a personality of the Renaissance

Glencoe World History, Chapter 12


Horrible Histories- Renaissance

World History I  Assessment    May 16, 2014      NAME _______________

Europe in the Middle Ages


Top of Form

1 Which of the following did NOT contribute to an increase in food production and population growth during the Middle Ages?
A) the invention of the ox collar
B) a climate change
C) a heavy, wheeled plow with an iron plowshare
D) a three-field system of crop rotation
2 Which of the following was NOT a consequence of the revival of trade in Europe?
A) the emergence of a money economy
B) a regular exchange of goods between Flanders and Italy
C) the establishment of banking firms
D) the decline of old Roman cities as centers of trade
3 To join a guild, a person needed to _____.
A) become an apprentice
B) become a master
C) have five to seven years of experience
D) become a journeyman
4 An example of the Church’s dominant role in people’s lives during the High Middle Ages was the _____, which barred some people from receiving the sacraments.
A) investiture controversy
B) interdict
C) Concordat of Worms
D)  Cistercian order
5 A desire for greater discipline prompted a group of monks in the Middle Ages to form the new order of _____.
A) Benedictines
B) Cistercians
C) Franciscans
D) Dominicans
6 During the Inquisition, relapsed heretics were _____.
A) forced to perform public penance
B) flogged
C) tortured until they confessed
D) executed
7 The invention of _____ in the construction of Gothic cathedrals made the use of stained glass windows possible.
A) barrel vaults
B) pointed arches
C) flying buttresses
D) ribbed vaults
8 Scholasticism’s chief task was to _____.
A) reconcile monarchical power and the power of the Church
B) harmonize Christian teachings with Greek philosophy
C) translate the works of Greekphilosophers
D) denounce the Greek philosophers
9 Which of these did NOT overwhelm Europe in the fourteenth century?
A) the Reconquista
B) the Hundred Years’ War
C) the Black Death
D) severe economic problems
10 A dispute over _____ led to the Great Schism of the Church.
A) the nationality of the pope
B) taxation of the clergy
C) the king’s power to appoint bishops
D) the lifestyle of the pope


What was the condition of the Jews in Europe duing the middle ages?

Explain the importance of Constantinople during the middle ages.

Would you have liked to live in the middle ages? Why or why not?


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