Grade 6 – British Colonies in North America

Monday – Holiday

Tuesday –

The First English Colonies:

Plymouth Colony:

Wednesday – 13 Colonies Quiz Game

Thursday – A Cartoon version of the Pilgrams

Charlie Brown and the Mayflower:

Friday – The Quakers, the Dutch, and the Ladies

Crash Course US History:

Questions from the video:

April 25, 2014

  1. Which Colony was started by the Dutch?
  2. Who allowed Jews, free blacks, and Quakers?
  3. Who allowed woman to inherit land?
  4. Which colonial leader wanted good relations with the natives?
  5. What was the “Best Poor Man’s Country”?
  6. Which colony had religious freedom and attracted many German speaking people?
  7. Where were the witch trials in 1690?
  8. Whose father and grandfather were Justices of the Peace?
  9. Woman’s work was in the _______?
  10. Paul Revere worked as a ________?

What is Half Moon?


Online quiz on colonial America:


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