Grade 8 – World Religions and Asia

April 7 to 11, 2014

Homework: Section 8-2 Assessment, page 257, due Monday.

Homework: Be able to find and label the countries of Asia for a test.

Monday – Comparative Religion Project

Tuesday – Student reports/Japan and Korea


Pop Quiz Japan

  1. Where was karate developed?
  2. Why was it developed?
  3. Who were the highest classes?
  4. What class were the merchants?
  5. When the Europeans arrived many people became Christians, what happened to them?
  6. What was the Seclusion Act of 1636?
  7. How many main or large islands are in Japan?

Wednesday – Early Japan and Korea, Glencoe Wrold History, pages 263 to 267. Homework: Section 8-3 Assessment 1,2,3, & 6 due Thursday.

Gupta Empire:

Thursday – Write a question about religion. India After the Guptas. Civilization in South east Asia

Hindu temple in Indonesia:


Friday – Quiz on the Asian World and World Religions


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