Grade 6 – Native American Questions

Seminole Questions

1.   The Seminole people are from the state of______________

Answer: Florida

  1. Where do most of the Seminole people live today

a. Oklahoma

b. Texas

c. Mississippi

d. Seminole world

Answer: a. Oklahoma

3. How did the Seminole people move around?

a. speed boat

b. go carts

c. canoes

d. log canoes

Answer: d. log canoes

Indian Questions

1.  Did the Indians ate vegetables true or false

Answer: true

2. What did the Europeans bring to America

a. squash

b. horses

c. buffalo meat

Answer: b. horses

1: did Inuit eat

a: walrus
b: whale
c: elk
d: all of the above
2: did Inuit make
b: Teepees
c: Longhouses
3: did Inuit wear
a: Woolen clothes
b: Cotton clothes
c: Leather clothes


Massachusett Tribe

Where did the Massachusett Tribe live?

  1. Miami
  2. Massachusetts Bay     (answer)
  3. New York City
  4. Seattle

What did they do for fun?

  1. They went ice skating.
  2. They went to the movies.
  3. They did storytelling, and played with dolls.  (answer)
  4. They played with their IPods.

In what did they live?

  1. In mansions
  2. In longhouses  (answer)
  3. In caves
  4.  In trees

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