Grade 8 – World Religions and Early African Civilizations

March 24 to 28, 2014

Monday – Return test. Discuss World Religions and the comparative religion project. Glencoe World History, pages 214 to 220.

Tuesday – The Development of Civilization in Africa. Glencoe World History, pages 220 to 226. Homework: Section 7-1 Assessment, page 226, 1 to 7, due Wednesday.

Wednesday – The Five Major Religions:

Thursday – Kingdoms and States of Africa. Glencoe World History, pages 228 to 235. Homework: Section 7-2 Assessment, page 234, 1 to 7, due Thursday.

Friday – African Society and Culture. Glencoe World History, pages 235 to 241. Homework: Section 7-3 Assessment, page 234, 1 to 7, due Friday.

African Kingdoms:

Test on Tuesday, April 1, 2014.

World Religions/comparative Religion Project

For this project you will compare two important religions. You may compare one of the five major religions to your personal life philosophy or you may pick two of the five and compare them to each other. You must present your information in two different ways. You may choose two of the following: Research Paper, Poster, Oral Presentation. You may earn up to 100 points for each type of presentation plus 20 points for your bibliography. 190 to 220 points will be needed to earn an A. 160 to 190 would be the B range, and 140 to 160 is the C range. Due April 7, 2014. Link to rubric:



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