Grade 6 – Native American Presentations/ Copan Trip

March 24 to 28, 2014

Monday – Native American Presentations/ People, Places, and Change pages 96 to 98.

6B Bay of Fundy

6A Iroqouis, Inuit

Tuesday – Native American Presentations

6B Cherokee, Yuki, Achumawi, Nez Perce, Cheyenne

6A Inuit, Seminole, and Pueblo

Wednesday – Copan Field Trip

Thursday – Copan Field Trip

Friday – Copan Field Trip

March 31, 2014 Written Reports due!

6B Inuit, Ute, Massachusetts, Shawnee, Camaches, Seminoles,

6A – Miami, Chickasaw, Massachusett, Crow, and Shoshone


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