Grade 8 – The World of Islam

Objectives: To place Islam in the correct historical period, to articulate the rise of Islam and main beliefs (the Five Pillars of Islam), to be able to compare and contrast Islam with other world religions, to graph the growth of Islamic Empires, to identify characteristics of Islamic culture, to be able to compare and contrast the art, literature, and science of the Islamic era to European culture.

Assessment: Section Assessments, quizzes/tests, maps of Islamic geography, written and oral explanations of objectives.

Learning Experiences: Chapter 6 of Glencoe World History;jsessionid=D843526F2746252A018F060BFC00BCB0?_flowExecutionKey=_cBD224442-2BB8-2C62-71DD-30527E2718A3_k0CD75892-CF73-384D-19CD-C83F57CED41D

Crash Course World History,, written responses and discussions.


Section Assessments (#3 p. 206 due 3/13, #4 p. 210 due 3/18) vocabulary practice due 3/17  (The Rise of Islam:  )

online quiz-

Report due April 7, 20014 ~


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