No Electronic Devices

Cell phones, BB’s, and personal listening devices, such as ipods are not permitted to be in use during class time.

Any abuse of cell phones, BB’s, and personal listening devices will result in the loss of the device for one week (7 days).

See Student Handbook page 34 for more details.

YEARBOOK PICTURES UPDATE – Order forms for the yearbook pictures were sent home last week. Please make sure to send your form back with the exact amount of money or a check. We will be receiving orders until March 11th.
CHRONICLES OF DISCOVERY SCHOOL – Each year at Discovery School we host the event “Chronicles of Discovery,” destined to promote literature and art developed by our students and reward those whose works excel in these areas. The event is organized by the students of the AP Literature and Composition class. Throughout the award ceremony, students conduct art exhibition, musical performance, and recitation, among other activities. There will also be live music and refreshments for everyone to enjoy.
We would like to invite you to Chronicles of Discovery and help us fund it. The event is sponsored by companies and donations from parents. Any sum of money is welcomed, and may be delivered to Mr. Fenn (high school building, Room #3). Thank you for helping us promote the artistic school spirit. We hope to see you at the event on April 25.

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