1. Students are expected to be in their assigned seats, ready to learn, when the bell rings.

2. Students have their textbook, notebook, and supplies on their table when the bell rings.

3. Textbooks, notebooks, and homework from other classes are in their lockers or in their book bags.

4. Book bags are left in their lockers, outside the door, or along the east wall.

5. No electronic devices are to be seen or used in class unless special permission for a specific reason is given for that day. No photography is allowed without permission of the teacher and it is used for educational purposes. Example for appropriate use of photography: To photograph notes or maps drawn on the whiteboard.

6. No food or drink is allowed in class. Nothing should be put in students mouths during class time.

7. This class is conducted in English and students are expected to use appropriate, polite, respectful, and timely language at all times. All students use only English at all times.


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