Grade 8 – Missing Assignments

Please check engrade and turn in any missing assignments on Monday!

December 16 to 18, Greek Maps

Monday – Library

Tuesday – Computer Lab. Email Mr. Cozart your choice for the Greek Map Project. See ideas for possible maps below, if you have another idea you may request that as well. Maps that are made with recycled materials, 3 D maps, didactic and interactive maps will be given higher grades. These maps should be large sizes to be seen from across the room when posted. Students are also expect to be able to explain in writing and orally the significance of their map.

Wednesday – Computer Lab/Map research.

Examples of Greek Maps

– Tectonic Map of Greek areas

– Physical Map of the Aegean

– Map of Early Greek Societies (Minoians, Myceneaens, Trojans)

– Map of Greek Colonies

– Map of Greek City States

– Map of Greek pilgrimage, sports, and cultural sites

– Persian Wars

– Peloponnesian War

– Map of a Greek City State

– Map of an Acropolis

– Trade Map

– Map of the Conquests of Alexander the Great

– Map of Greek Speaking Areas

We will select and do research for the making of the maps. During these days you will receive a grade on the use of class time and behavior. Maps will be due Monday, January 13, 2014.

In January we learn the Culture of Classical Greece, the life of Alexander the Great, and the beginning of Rome. Begin thinking about a Greek celebrity,  writer, scientist, philosopher, or leader that you are interested in researching for a paper and project. Due January 21, 2014

A celebration of learning is tentatively planned for January 24, 2014 to cover all the Greek periods.

Brief Outline of Second Semester

January – Greeks/Romans

February – Romans/Islam

March – Early African Civilizations/The Asian World

April – Byzantine Empire/Middle Ages

May – Renaissance/Reformation

Last day of class May 27, 2014. Semester Exam May 29, 2014.

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