Grade 6 – US Physical Features Map Puzzles

Monday – Computer Lab, practice these geography puzzles:

Be ready for a test on Friday!

Tuesday – Work on biomes

Listen to these at home:

Wednesday – Computer Lab

Thursday – Be able to locate, label, and color these features on a blank map.

  1. Highlight the rivers blue.
  2. Highlight the great plains yellow.
  3. Highlight the coastal plains green.
  4. Color the Rocky Mountains brown (or red or pink.)
  5. Color the Appalachia Mountains orange.
  6. Color the Cascade Mountains orange as well.
  7. Draw in Mt. Saint Helens and label it.
  8. Label the Sierra Nevada. Circle them.
  9. Label the following rivers: Mississippi, Colorado, Ohio, Columbia, Platte, Rio Grande, Arkansas, Missouri, and Yukon. (9)
  10. Draw a cactus to show a desert region.
  11. Name the Great Lakes from West to East (biggest to Smallest.)
  12. Color the land borders of the US red.
  13. Write your name above the Great Lakes.

Friday – US Physical Features TEST

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