Grade 6 – Canadian Geography

November 4 to 8, 2013

Monday – Discuss the following questions:

1. What are the geographic regions of Canada?

2. What are the biomes of Canada?

3. What are different types of flora?

4. Can you name animals in each phylum?

5. What are important resources in Canada?

Tuesday – Practice Canadian Geography



Wednesday – Library, research biomes and animals, 5×5, find 5 animals in 5 different biomes.

Thursday – Computer Lab,  choose and research an animal that lives in Canada. You will need a picture and a map of it’s range, hand drawn work will get more points and a higher grade. You will also need a description of the biome where it lives and how it fits into the food chain. Please also include general information about the animal and if it has economic value.

Friday – No School for Students / Teacher Workshop Friday and Saturday.

H O M E W O R K ! ! !   Practice these websites until you are an expert!

The Geographic Regions of Canada:



Week of November 11 to 15, 2013

Monday – Please turn in any missing assignments by Thursday, November 13, 2013.

Tuesday – Guest speaker, David Alcantara, from the Honduran Institute of Mining and Geology will be presenting on Minerals and Mining in the Americas: It’s importance in Geography, History, and the Modern Economy.

Wednesday – Study Skills presentation in the library.

Thursday -MIDTERM. Last day to turn in missing assignments!


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