General School Announcements

Enjoy the Holiday!

See you on Tuesday, October 22, 2013.

REPORT CARDS AND CONFERENCES – We will be issuing the report cards for the first quarter this Friday, October 25. Please make sure that you are planning to attend the meetings with your child’s teachers to discuss the academic progress in the first quarter.

VOLUNTEERS FOR THE U.N. DAY FASHION SHOW –  The DPTO is organizing an International Fashion Show for the UN Day, and we need your help! If you want to participate by modeling or by lending us any typical costume that you may have, please contact Marielos or Alexanderia at the following email addresses:  or
DONATIONS NEEDED:  Don’t forget to send in cereal boxes for Ya Tengo Donde Escribir” between now and November 20. The grade that brought the most boxes will be awarded a pizza party or ice cream party! Please help us help those in need!
CATS – The presentation has unfortunately been cancelled. We will be returning the money paid for the event as soon as we can.The day that we send it home with your son/daughter will be announced beforehand.

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