Grade 8 – Ancient Near East Map


We are learning about the Ancient Near East in the first millenium B.C.


Carefully study the Guide to Reading on page 61. Read pages 61 to 64 and be able to answer the questions on page 64 (Section 4 Assessment.) Carefully study pages 66 and 67, (Chapter 2, ASSESSMENT and ACTIVITIES) be able to easily answer, verbally and in writing, questions 1 to 32, as well as outline in your mind, on paper, and in front of an audience, a chapter summary, map, and timeline.

HOMEWORK: Answer questions 1 to 5 on page 64. Due Wednesday, October 16, 2013.

TEST: Friday, October 18, on the New Centers of Civilization (pages 54 to 60) and The Rise of New Empires (pages 61 to 64.) Your study guide includes the maps, assessment questions, your notes, assignments, quizzes, tests, songs and videos we have used in class this year.


Crash Course Link:

Be familiar with Crash Course 5, The Persians and the Greeks:


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