Grade 8 – New Centers of Civilization

New Centers of Civilization is our topic for this week.

Carefully study the pages 54 to 60 and be able to answer the questions on page 60 (Section 3 Assessment.)

Be familiar with the ideas and concepts in these lyrics:

A Phoenician:
Phoenicians: Where we get our alphabet from. 
Phoenicians: Trading, and standing strong. 
Phoenicians: We set sail on seas, 
Built ships with ease, sail from Sidon to Sicily.
The best craftsmen, we make the best crafts,
We blow the most glass, we make the most cash.
Trade the glass and crafts, watch our paper stack,
Dye cloth, people like, “I got to have that.” 

What? We’re in that Fertile Crescent…
Time’s up, better learn your lessons.

A Hebrew:
You don’t have to barter, Lydians made cents, 
’Cause Lydians printed coins like a mint.
Between Egypt and Babylon, we’re the Hebrews, 
Tribes and crews; today we’d be called Jews.
Wandering the desert, avoiding bandits,
Till Moses showed us Ten Commandments. 
Divided into 12 tribes, we got lost,
Until King Saul finally reunited us. 
Next, David built Jerusalem,
In the Bible, he defeats Goliath, ya heard of him?
His son Solomon built the temple, we weren’t saved,
Chaldeans invaded and made us slaves.


Carefully study the Guide to Reading on page 61. Read pages 61 to 64 and be able to answer the questions on page 64 (Section 4 Assessment.) Carefully study pages 66 and 67, (Chapter 2, ASSESSMENT and ACTIVITIES) be able to easily answer, verbally and in writing, questions 1 to 32, as well as outline in your mind, on paper, and in front of an audience, a chapter summary, map, and timeline.

Crash Course Link:

Be familiar with Crash Course 5, The Persians and the Greeks:


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