Thursday September, 12th

Time                                            Activities                 Responsible

8:00-8:50                    Typical breakfast

8:50-10:00                  Students will meet with their homeroom teacher                    

10:00-11:00                Traditional Games (Elementary students will be required to be at the

                                    field in front of the cafeteria (Special teachers and secondary students)                                                                                                  

11:00-11:05                Sing the national anthem (Students and teachers will meet at the gym)

                                    Ms. Norma and Ms.Pamela (school choir.)         

11:05-11:10               Folkloric song                  El encarguito (school choir.)

11:10:-11:15              Typical dance                    El torito        6to gr.                   11:15-11:25          Legend dramatization   ¨…y le salió el duende…¨ 10mo gr.

11:25-11:45          Story teller performance (cuenta cuentos) SANTILLANA publishing company       El secreto del bosque de copán  Julissa Lardizaval

*This day we will follow PM schedule. After the activities students will be dismissed.

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