Grade 8 ~ Ancient Greece Geography Questions and Answers.

Ancient Greece Geography Questions and Answers.

1. A peninsula is land surrounded by water on three sides. What are the 3 peninsulas of ancient Greece? Thessaly, Peloponesus, Attica.

2. Which is the largest of the Greek ISLANDS? Crete

3. The first major Greek civilization began on the island of Crete. What is the name of Crete’s main city? Knossos

4. What is the name of the sea that connected the Greek islands with mainland Greece? Aegean Sea

5. Why do you think the sea was so important to the Greeks? The two Ts and an I: Travel, Trade, and Irrigation.

6. On what continent is ancient Greece located? Europe

7. Which four seas border Greece? Ionian sea Adriatic Sea
Mediterranean Sea Aegean Sea

8. Describe the landforms of Greece. Mountainous, Peninsulas, and Islands.

9. Name the 3 peninsulas of Greece. Thessaly, Peloponnesus, and Attica.

10. Make a prediction – How did the geography (landforms and water forms) of Greece affect communication throughout this civilization? Landforms made travel and trade difficult.

11. Where did people settle in Greece? They settled where it was centered on the Aegean and on Peloponnesus.

12. Why were the seas important to the people of Greece. It gave them water and fish to eat. It also connected Greeks to other people.

13. Why do you think the Greeks became expert sailors? They traded and communicated over seas.

14. Where do you think the Greeks traveled. Europe, Africa, and Asia.

15. Based on the water forms and landforms, make a prediction about what farming was like in ancient Greece. Difficult because most of Greece was mountainous.

16. Describe the climate of Greece. Similar to southern California.

17. What crops were the Greeks able to grow in abundance? Grapes and olives.

18. Explain why the Greeks could easily grow these crops. They had hilly terrain.

19. What crops did the Greeks have difficulty growing? Barley and wheat.

20. Explain why the Greeks had difficulty growing these crops. Rockey Soil.

21. How did the Greeks get more of these crops? They traded east and west.

22. How did Greece’s location help the civilization? They were surrounded by water, which gave them fish and irrigation.

23. When does farming occur? Year-round because Greece has a mild climate

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