Grade 7 ~ South America Study Guide for Test Monday, February 4, 2013

Grade 7 South America Geography Study Guide

1. What is the largest river system in South America?

2. What body of water is between Montevideo and Buenos Aires?

3. Name the long, thin country in South America.

4. What is the largest lake in South America?

5. What is the main mountain range in South America?

6. What lake in Venezuela is really a bay of the Caribbean Sea?

7. The largest oil finds in South America are in _____________

8. What country has 2 capitals?

10. What country speaks English?

11. What country speaks Dutch?

12. Name the place that is still part of France.

13. What country speaks Portugese?

14. What is the main religion?

15. What empire did the Spanish find in Peru?

16. What country moved to a new capital in 1960?

17. Name the countries and capitals of Pacific South America (9 points)

18. Name the countries and capitals of the Caribbean South America (10 points)

19. Name the counties and capitals of Atlantic South America (8 points)


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