Grade 6 ~ Study for Monday, February 4, Test

Be able to answer these questions for the Test.

1.      What is Mesa Verde?


2.      Where did the Anasazi live:   a) USA    b) Canada    c) Mexico    e) Central America


3.      Where did the Maka live?


4.      Did they live in the Bering Strait?  YES  NO


5.  What was the animal the Maka hunted most?


6.  What was the Sioux war in 1862 called?


7. In this war 284 (Sioux) men died.   TRUE   FALSE


8.  There were 2 Sioux wars. TRUE   FALSE


9.  The Apache had muskets (guns) in 1492.   TRUE   FALSE


10.  Apaches lived in the mountains and on the plains.  TRUE   FALSE


11 to 14.      What are the states  that  make the 4 corners?


15/16. Define circumnavigate:


17/18. What was the Spanish Armada?


19. In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean ____________


Match the people with the country. Write the country name next to the person. Use each country once.

England, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal


20. Ferdinand and Isabella


21. Sir Francis Drake


22. Henry the Navigator


23. Christopher Columbus


24. Cartier


Who sailed to Africa, India and North America?


25. Henry Hudson


26. Vasco Da Gama


27. Dias


28. What is a caravel?


29. What is the name of your explorer?

      (The one you chose to research)


30. Your explorer’s journal will be written by hand  TRUE   FALSE


31. You will include a detailed map  TRUE   FALSE


32. It is due February 25, the day Mr. Cozart comes back  TRUE   FALSE


33. You will make a presentation on the exploration to Mr. Cozart  TRUE   FALSE


34. This project is very interesting and fun!  TRUE   FALSE


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