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Grade 8, World History I

Homework: Take the quiz at &

We are finishing up our unit on Egypt, be prepared for a quiz this week!

Thank you to those who had well planned class presentations this week!



The following websites may help you study for the exam.

Geography~ there will be 3 maps on the exam, the 5 Dominant Powers in Europe in 1789, the original 13 British Colonies in North America, and the 50 countries of modern Europe map. The 5 powers were the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Prussia, and Russia, be able to find them and shade them and their capitals on a map. Be able to identify and write the names of the 13 original British Colonies on a map. Practice the European states using

Here are some websites with questions you might find on the exam:

Long Essay Question: Explain how enlightenment ideas influenced revolutionary leaders and the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment Questions to study:

1. What is the Scientific Revolution?
2. Name three scientists.
3. What is the scientific method?
4. What are two innovations or instruments during this period?
5. Who was Ptolomy? Where and when did he live? Why is he important?
6. Explain break throughs in medicine and chemistry.
7. What does heliocentric mean?
8. What is the main idea of the Enlightnment?
9. What is a salon?
10. Who were the main contributors to the Enlightenment?
11. Explain the religious atmosphere during the Enlightenment.
12. How was reading important during the Enlightenment?
13. Who was Voltaire? Where was he from? When did he live? What did he do?
14. What does “separation of powers” mean? Name three branches.
15. When was the Social Contract published? Who wrote it?
16. What is rococo? How did it develop? What were it’s characteristics?
17. Why was it hard to rule Austria? Give at least three reasons.
18. What is enlightened absolutism?
19. Mention some natural rights in enlightened absolutism. Give three examples.
20. Name three great musical geniuses of the period?