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8 Grade World History 1 – Egypt

Eighth graders are researching a topic related to Ancient Egypt and will present to their project to the  class the week of December 10, 2012.

Students should be prepared for a geography quiz on Egypt on December 5, 2012. They will need to draw a map of Egypt and draw and label the rivers (Nile and Jordan), Upper and Lower Egypt, the cities, deserts, seas, the pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, Nubia, and Kush.


6 Grade Inca presentations and Geography Quiz

Sixth graders are sharing their research on the Incas and will finish presenting on Monday.

On Wednesday, December 5, 2012, they will have a quiz on some of the geographical features of the Americas. The Andes Mountains, Lake Titicaca, Amazon Rainforest and river, Parana/Rio de la Plata, and Patagonia in South America and the Great Lakes, major mountains, and largest rivers in North America. They should also be able to identify the areas where the Olmec, Aztec, Mayan, and Inca lived.

The websites below are a fun way to learn geography and maybe of some help in preparing for the quiz.

9 Grade Revolutions

The Impact of the Enlightenment on Revolutions

The American Revolution pretest:

Today we worked in pairs exploring what we knew or could find in the text books about the American Revolution. The questions were from the above website. These questions may appear on the end of the semester test, so use this site as part of your study guide, along with your notes from class.

GEOGRAPHY QUIZ on Wednesday, December 5, 2012. The countries of Northern and Eastern Europe (Scandinavia, former Soviet Republics, Warsaw Pact nations, Turkey and Cyprus.) Practice on: or